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National Home Buyer’s Association

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The National Home Buyer’s Association was the brain child of Don Welsh before the turn of the century.

As a young adult Don was a paratrooper in the U.S. Army. Later he was a a director of vocational training for some local community colleges.

Don’s early professional life was in civil engineering and public policy. Later he decided he wanted more contact with consumers and he became a top home buyer’s broker in the Kansas City Missouri area. His company, Acro Home Buying Services, won numerous awards when they were an office of The Buyer’s Agent national franchise.

After his experience with the business he had an idea that most home buyers didn’t know about real buyer agency. He also felt that the REALTOR organization, being focused on selling and listing, wanted to keep buyers in the dark. Unless a home buyer had a background in law or they studied books on home buying, they would never be able to make good judgements about choosing a real estate agent to help them with the buying process.

Don felt creating a national association could help home buyers better understand the home buying process and all the different companies involved.

Unfortunately Don fell ill and passed away before he could see his association come to fruition.

Recently the broker from a buyer’s brokerage in Michigan resurrected the idea and this website was born.

Helping everyone understand home buying…

The intent of the National Home Buyer’s Association is two-fold:


Help make home buyers aware of how to locate, interview, and choose a buyer agent


Award top buyer agents throughout the country who have shown high levels of success in representing home buyers.

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