National Home Buyer's Association

Answers about Real Estate agents that work for you!

“Like it or not, the real estate agent helping you house hunt is usually working for the seller and is legally bound to try to get the seller the highest price. But buyers no longer have to fend for themselves. You can hire a buyer agent to work on your behalf.”

U.S. News and World Report

Real Estate Agents with

100% loyalty to you, the home buyer

  • Many consumer protection groups and financial advisors recommend home buyers talk to at least three real estate agents before they choose one to work with.
  • However, often they don’t let a buyer know what to look for in a buyer agent.
  • They also don’t let a buyer know where to find a buyer agent to interview.
  • Finally, they often don’t tell you what success is for a devoted buyer’s agent.
  • But they do suggest at least one of the agents you talk to should be an exclusive buyer’s agent. Exclusive buyer agents work at companies that only work for home buyers.

The intent of the National Home Buyer’s Association is two-fold:


Help make home buyers aware of how to locate, interview, and choose a buyer agent.


Award top buyer agents throughout the country who have shown high levels of success in representing home buyers.

Ready to find your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent? 

There are two national sites to find an exclusive buyer’s agent (Companies who work only for buyers, never sellers). If they don’t have exclusive buyer’s agents in your area they often can recommend a regular buyer agent :

  1. The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
  2. Exclusive Buyer’s Agents directory

Another recommendation is a site that has buyer agents in many markets:

  1. Buyer Agent Search